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Matching Donation! Don’t Let COVID-19 Keep Our Students Away from PAA!

UPDATE: July 15

Thank you so much for getting us off to a great start! As of July 15, $14,613 has come in to help bring back students debt free for this coming fall term. That means we urgently need $47,887 more to meet the challenge gifts totaling $62,500. That will mean we will have reached our $125,000 Grand Total for the campaign!Help us make that goal HERE by donating right now!

The tuition bills have piled up. She’s afraid if she can’t pay off this year’s bills, she won’t be able to return to PAA next school year.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela* worked TWO jobs to help pay her tuition bill – one as a PAA student worker and another at a local business.

However, those jobs evaporated when the PAA doors were closed last March and the local business employment was also closed.

Angela’s mom, a hard-working single mother, now struggles to keep food on the table and pay the essential bills due to cuts in her work schedule as a result of the effects of the COVID -19 crisis.

Angela, who just completed her sophomore year, badly wanted to attend PAA this past year, desperate for a Christian environment and willing to assist her mother in getting her tuition paid. Together, they were making Angela’s dream of an education at PAA possible.

Angela and 18 other PAA students are facing similar circumstances to meet this year’s unprecedented situation so that they can return to PAA next fall “free and clear” – owing no debt to PAA.

Our goal is to raise $125,000 by August 1, 2020, to assist these families and others with a COVID-19 Relief Fund to assure we bring them back to our campus next year.

YOUR GIFT WILL BE MATCHED UP TO $62,500And now, because of two generous pledges, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $62,500! That means your $5 becomes $10. Your $100 becomes $200.

PAA’s mission to develop Christ Centered, Character Driven young men and women continues to be as important as ever – even during a world-wide pandemic. When life has seemed uncertain and “not normal,” our PAA teachers have been there every day in a virtual learning setting, encouraging our students that we can all get through this – together.

You can make it possible for a student to remain at PAA, returning this fall with a HUGE burden lifted from them and their families.

Our prayers continue for those who have been adversely affected by this crisis in any way and we ask you to remember our PAA families in your prayers as well.

If you have NOT been as greatly affected by this crisis as others, are you in a position to assist and willing to do so?

Will you join us in supporting PAA and these 19 students and others who wish to return next fall? DONATE HERE:


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