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Spiritual Life Events



Every week our students and staff gather for worship. This allows us to deal with some of the larger spiritual questions that young people ask. While attendance is required, you’ll find our students eager to be there because so many are highly involved in the planning and programming. It’s awesome to see students leading worship each week and, many times, hearing them speak from their hearts about their walk with God. We are also blessed to have a supportive group of local pastors who often come to share a message with us.


Community Vespers

Attendance for our Friday events is always optional but we find that they are the most popular and highly supported by parents. Once a month, on a Friday evening, our Campus Ministries team plans an event for students to gather in a family home or on campus for a time of fellowship. These informal gatherings are a great place for students to simply “be together.” This usually involves refreshments, singing, and small group discussion.



Our partnerships with our local churches is very important to us. We understand the need for our students to be connected with local church, this is why once a month we partner (Fusion) with a local church to host a Friday night vespers at their site. These informal gatherings are a great place for students to connect with local church pastors. There usually are refreshments, singing, and an encouraging message geared for our teens. 


Bible Camp

This is a yearly event sponsored by the Youth Ministries Department of the Oregon Conference of SDA. Bible Camp is often the highlight of our students' school year. Over 400 High School students from around Oregon and Washington gather to join in worship, recreation, and general fun. Washington Family Ranch – Creekside, is an incredible camp featuring swimming pools, adventure courses, mini-golf, bouldering walls, a gymnasium, and a huge water park. Each morning and evening students gather for worship with great music and special speakers. While this event does cost extra, we are fortunate to have donors who are committed to making sure no student is left out because of financial limits.


Week of Worship

Each season we have a special week of spiritual emphasis. During these weeks there is a chapel each day. In the fall, we bring a special speaker to lead out in chapels while students plan the rest of the program. In the winter, we have a fully student-led week of prayer, complete with a couple of student speakers each day. In the spring, our staff usually share a message during our student planned chapel. These are very important weeks in our school calendar and we thank you for praying that God will speak to the hearts of our young people through them.


InsideOut Day

Every spring, all of our students and staff participate in an area wide service day called InsideOut. We work hard to find meaningful projects that students can not only work on, but learn from. They learn about organizations and groups in our community that are feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, and helping to heal the sick. InsideOut is a great change of pace during the stress of the final days of school and is a reminder to see our own home as a mission ground.


Mission Trips

Mission trips at PAA enhance the spiritual development of students and build relationships with communities and organizations both local and global. For more than a decade, PAA’s relationship with Jabez Humanitarian Foundation has helped serve the people on remote Fijian islands with general healthcare, education on waterborne illnesses, and infrastructure to eliminate waterborne illnesses and death. We also frequent the Bahamian islands with Sail & Serve, an organization helping communities with hurricane relief. Sus Manos means “Hands & Feet” in Spanish. This group is led by Rita Barrett, our Spanish teacher, who is committed to helping her students experience being Jesus’ “hands and feet” in Spanish speaking countries like Cuba, Guatemala, and Peru. Each year, PAA students also have the chance to serve the people of Portland with a local mission project.


We Need You!

Parents, would you like to be involved in any of these events? Below are four ways in which you can be involved. Please contact Pastor Fernando if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer


Teens love snacks – if you would like to provide snacks for an event it would be a tremendous blessing.

Fund Raising

 There will always be great kids who want to participate but do not have the cash available in their families to make that possible. Your assistance through donated dollars or help in fund raising projects could make the difference for that student.

Be a Sponsor

Some activities like Bible Camp, Mission Trips, and Community Service projects need more sponsor help than our PAA staff is able to provide. Your help can help us accomplish our goals.


We hope that our students will become more aware of God’s presence in their lives through these activities and programs. Your prayer support in that goal opens up greater potential for the Holy Spirit to be active. It is needed!

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