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Beyond PAA



Beyond PAA are programs and events designed to help students safely explore the world, engage with others, and to transform their lives.


Beyond PAA activities include global mission trips, local service projects, wilderness exploration trips, outdoor leadership events, Bible camp, music tours, and more.

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  1. To explore other cultures while participating in activities that will help students to see the relevance of being God’s hands and feet.


  2. To provide adequate time for students to engage with God and reflect upon His activity in the world around us and how we can be part of what He is doing.


  3. To encourage students to engage with whom they come in contact – learning about them, about their world, and about their unique perspectives on living.


  4. To develop a broad array of intercultural learning and development experiences that will allow students to develop their unique gifts and abilities and to learn how those gifts and abilities can be used to make the world a better place.


  5. To produce young people whose perspectives have been transformed and who have developed greater cultural sensitivity, a sense of purpose, and a vision for how they are uniquely gifted to serve others.


  6. To transform culture with the message of Jesus being delivered by people who make loving people the center of their mission.



Supporting Beyond PAA ensures all students can experience these life-changing experiences.

Make your life-changing gift here.

A note about tax deductible receipts:

IRS rulings state that in order for a donation to be tax-deductible, it must be issued to a group/organization and cannot be issued on behalf of a particular student. Therefore, PAA cannot issue a tax-deductible receipt for a donation made for a named student. You are, however, invited to share the name of the student who contacted you regarding this gift. Please do so in the Online Giving text box like this:


“The student who invited me to give is [STUDENT’S NAME].”


Contact Development Director, Sam Vigil Jr. at or 503.255.8372x218 with your questions.

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