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Portland Adventist Academy has been educating high school students for more than 100 years. We are a fully accredited high school serving families of all denominations.

We partner with parents in their efforts to inspire students to live a Christ-centered and character-driven life both now and beyond high school.

PAA teachers seek to inspire curiosity and a joy of discovery.

Project Based Learning and Mission Focused Learning are incorporated into curriculum to encourage creative problem-solving. Students and teachers collaborate in seeking solutions to real life problems. Along side their quest for the facts, they develop and acquire a deeper understanding and practice and apply solutions.


Ambitious students can excel with Advanced Placement & dual credit courses. Also vital is inclusive learning options to optimize understanding for students with exceptional learning needs. PAA’s academic highlights are diverse!


We embrace mobile learning and support students in One-to-One classrooms. For 21st century learning teachers focus on the Four C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

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Students are supported in their expression and curiosity.

Instruction in fine arts, digital arts, performing arts and industrial arts are supported with high-tech and professional tools and supportive work spaces. An industry standard recording studio, Mac and PC labs, art studios with professional software empower students for future creative careers and hobbies.


Electives like Programming & Robotics, Orienteering, 3D Design and Music Performance & Production are just a few ways students can broaden their learning.

There’s something for everyone.

From Oregon State Activities in athletics and music to clubs like Rock Climbing, Hand Bells, and Gospel Choir, PAA students can challenge themselves with personal growth and accountability through team building experiences.


Students grow leadership and interpersonal relationship skills through Student Government, Campus Ministries, Worship Leadership, and annual Wilderness Retreats designed for personal growth in integrity, courage, and community building.


Our greatest desire is to introduce students to Jesus and encourage a life-long walk with Him.

Through a diverse set of programs, PAA provides rich spiritual life experiences. Students encounter their Creator daily at PAA. A full time chaplain, two Bible teachers and every teacher and staff member hold the spiritual and emotional needs of our students in the center of all we do. Every class begins with prayer, sharing, and connecting through a Christ-centered and character-driven lens. Students find inspiration through weekly chapels and Friday night vespers led by their peers. 


Beyond our campus, spiritual leadership retreats, Bible camps, and local and global mission trips open the door and light the path on a student’s journey with Jesus. That is the heart of our call to Adventist education.

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