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World Class Musicians Perform at PAA

World-class musicians, Aaron Meyer and Tim Ellis are performing at PAA. Come hear them on March 8th at 7:30pm.

Tim and Aaron’s music could best be described as Contemporary Classical and a mixture of original compositions and “covers” of well-known music. Check out the following link to learn more about their music and hear samples of Tim Ellis & Aaron Meyer in Concert. Tim and Aaron provide dozens of popular concerts throughout our area and globally (they recently returned from a trip through Southeast Asia).  They are well known throughout the US and particularly the Northwest, having recently performed with the Oregon Symphony and South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.  Their Christmas concert series is a favorite with Portland music fans.

This Junior Class fundraiser is offering you a great deal! While tickets to their concerts in the Portland area usually run $45 – $75, PAA is offering tickets for just $15 if purchased in advance ($20 at the door).

It is a wonderful gift for them to provide this concert to our PAA community.  We hope you will take the opportunity to join us! You can get your tickets from Shawna Irvine or any PAA Junior student: or 503-255-8372 ext 214.

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