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Who Doesn’t Love a Surprise?!

During an all school assembly today (October 4), students were formally introduced to someone they’ve already known for a long time.

Mrs. Peinado, their caring teacher, energetic vice principal, a champion of learning, and a cheerleader to all is now known as Mrs. Peinado, interim principal!

Mrs. Peinado was surprised this morning as our bible teachers Stephen Lundquist and Steve Lemke chose this moment to celebrate her recent appointment as interim principal.

The students cheered with vocal excitement as bible teacher Steve Lemke surprised Mrs. Peinado with flowers, courtesy the Oregon Conference Office of Education.

Pastor Stephen then prayed for Mrs. Peinado and blessed her leadership, her family, and her future.

While a principal search will resume in January, TODAY our school family is blessed with the very capable, quality, and caring leadership of our champion, Mechelle Peinado. We are blessed! (Read more HERE)

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