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Welcome to PAA, Jody Alexander

Being born into a home with deaf parents meant Jody Alexander’s first language was American Sign Language. Upon attending Laurelwood Adventist Elementary, he grew his fluency in spoken English and writing, a gift that follows him today. For this reason, our students are blessed to have a teacher with a deep understanding of ASL as well as the language’s history and culture.

Mr. Alexander brings his rich experiences to the classroom. He has real-life knowledge as he serves at Tabernacle SDA church as a deaf interpreter and has been an assistant ASL teacher, as well.

But there’s more. One might never expect that Jody has a love of French Classical Cuisine. After attending Livingstone Jr. Academy, he followed his passion to the Cordon Blue where he was able to develop artistic skills as well as organization and detailed planning which will benefit his students. Mr. Alexander has a vast palate. He loves the outdoors, working on cars, and writing. Story-telling is a particular gift. “This will go a long way in helping me teach my students,” he says. “I love the new model of teaching language through stories. I’m excited to have students retell Bible stories, memorize scripture, and share stories with each other. It will be fun to be at PAA and make so many new friends.”

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