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Welcome Chef Stef!

“We are what we eat,” says Stephenie Torgerson, our new food service director.

Chef Stef, as she is known, says that philosophy is what motivates  her to feed her guests healthy food.

To Chef Stef, “healthy food” is food that has been created with integrity. From its source in the earth, to the kitchen where it is prepared by loving hands, food sustains us to be active, smart, and energetic people; people who are Christ-centered, character driven!

Chef Stef has big dreams for PAA! Imagine a campus garden where students not only learn the basics of gardening and growing food, but where they take that same food and learn to cook healthy meals that students get to eat during lunch each day. This is her hope for PAA! While she serves our students daily, she sets goals to make this dream a reality for future students.

Stephanie’s roots in service were homegrown at her parents ski lodge in Colorado. She began working there as a teenager managing the everyday responsibilities of guest services. She continued to work seasonally at resorts all over the U.S.

Even after earning a History degree in college, service remained the theme of her career. Her excellent organizational skills took her all over the world in military service. She spent those years organizing itineraries for visiting VIP’s: Senators, Congressional leaders, Generals, Governors, and even celebrities such as Chuck Norris.

After her military service, she was driven to what she loved. She found work in the kitchen and backed up her passion with education at the Culinary Institute of America. She became “Chef Stef!”

While the kitchen sustains her in more ways than one, it’s always a joy for her to step away from work for rest and rejuvenation. She does that by hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and curling up with a good history book.

We are blessed to welcome Chef Stef to our team and thank God for her heart for service!

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