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We Need to Address Continuing Challenges: PAA Board Chair Ted Mackett

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

(Note: This message is paired with “A Forgotten Kindness Returned“)

Dear Friend of PAA,

Portland Adventist Academy’s future is at a crossroad, facing an existential threat.

     Our future progress is framed in the continuing challenges of funding our students’ education, and in the dire circumstances of our aging facilities.

PAA students

More than 50% of our students require scholarship assistance, the highest percentage in our long history. We are engaged in a campaign to address student aid. The goal for this academic year is $200,000. As of April 20, generous donors have given $85,568 for student scholarships. That leaves $114,432 remaining to meet this year’s needs by June 30. Carrying a deficit into the new school year will severely hamper PAA’s ability to fully serve students.

     PAA’s physical plant is now 60 years old. Several years ago we were challenged by an emergent need to repair the gymnasium roof; you generously responded by giving more than $100,000. And you were generous with student aid during the pandemic when many families of students suddenly found themselves without considerably lower or no income.

This winter during the Christmas cold snap, the aging roof structure of the main building classroom complex leaked badly at numerous sites. Professional inspection determined that the entire roof over the main building – excluding the gym – needs to be replaced. The estimated cost of the repairs, including a badly-needed HVAC system – is currently estimated at just under $3 million! Heating system pipes will fail and rain damage will continue to escalate roof and facility damage if we do not address these challenges soon.

We anticipate a review by PAA’s Constituency at a special meeting in May, discussing options to fund necessary capital improvements.

     PAA is enjoying a successful school year. We have weathered the “lean” COVID-19 years, and are seeing our way forward to a brighter future. An optimism is apparent in the classrooms and on the playing fields. Our enrollment is up at 180 students this year, up from 160 two years ago. Our students are engaged in a successful academic program led by dedicated and talented faculty. In March, students participated in successful missions to Fiji and the Bahamas.

     Your personal involvement, consideration and support is essential for PAA to thrive! You have faithfully supported your school in the past. We’re counting on you to rally again.

     Would you prayerfully consider a gift that is meaningful to you to support PAA now? []

Thank you for your interest and involvement.


Ted Mackett PAA Board Chair

P.S. If you have any questions, you may contact Principal Mechelle Peinado at 503-438-0920 or, or Development Director Sam Vigil at 971-351-9028 or Or you may give securely online at > Give a Gift

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