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Update from Principal Peinado

Hello PAA Family,

What a tremendous amount of change we have all been part of for the last month!  Thank you for your flexibility and support through it all.  You are so appreciated by each of us, here at PAA.

Since transitioning to this new experience, we have been working to provide as rich and complete an experience as possible without being together in person.  In addition to our regular classes, providing teacher office hours, and individual academic support as needed, we are also committed to delivering spiritual and social opportunities for our students.   We are working hard to communicate thoroughly and keep you informed, but also trying to refrain from overwhelming your inboxes.

After spring break, we made a significant change to provide more structure to our classes and schedule.  We made adjustments to our spiritual programming over the last couple weeks (if you didn’t get a chance to see today’s chapel, it is still available on YouTube HERE).  Next week our student association is excited to hold our first distance Spirit Week, where there are daily activities and contests planned for all students.

As we continue to make modifications and additions, we are asking for your feedback. We would love to hear what is working well for you, and what tweaks you suggest.  Please feel free to respond to this email and share your appreciations and suggestions.

Thank you for being such an important part of the PAA family.  Thank you for all you are doing to help keep our greater community safe.  Have a wonderful Sabbath and weekend.

Mechelle Peinado Principal Portland Adventist Academy

Mechelle Peinado, Principal

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