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Tim Ellis Remembered

Tim Ellis.

To continue helping our students with healthy grief, we held a joyful and inspiring chapel service to honor his memory and celebrate his great life.

We remember that although Tim’s classes had the reputation of being some of the most rigorous on campus, they were consistently popular electives for two decades. That’s because Mr. Ellis had a contagious motivating spirit that inspired learning. His personality electrified the classroom and the students responded with enthusiastic curiosity and drive, as you can see in the video below.

The chapel featured many special presentations and we were incredibly gifted with special guests, including Tim’s wife, Susan.

Ivan Danilich and Chelsea Gibson, two of Tim’s students, were especially happy to be sharing one of Tim’s great songs.

In three short years, our future students will have never known Tim Ellis. But they will certainly continue to benefit from the music program he helped establish and the very high standards he set. Our school is a great place because of Tim.


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