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Three Things to do to Keep PAA Safe

In effort to keep our students safe and our campus secure we need your teamwork! Here are three ways you can help.

1) Join the Chorus of Concerns regarding Homeless Camps

The dangers that can arise from homeless camps near our school are taken very seriously. PAA has been in frequent contact with the city regarding our current problems. But the more voices added to the chorus of concerns, the quicker action is taken. Make your voice heard through the contacts below.

  1. Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT): Regarding camps across the street from our front entrance or near the pedestrian overpass on the way to Target: Autumn Arndt, 971.673.6234.

  2. Non-Emergency: For camps or people sleeping on our property, call 503.823.3333.

  3. Campsite Reporting: 503.223.4000



2) Be a Responsible Visitor During school hours, we require all visitors to enter our building and campus through the front entrance (on SE 96th). The south parking lot gates are for student entry only and the gates will be closed for the duration of the school day. All visitors (non-students & non-staff) should park and enter the school at the west entrance on SE 96th and sign-in and receive a visitor badge at the front office.

3) Honor School Hours

An open campus is a vulnerable campus. Please help keep our students and staff safe by being a responsible visitor to our campus and by faithfully observing and honoring our School, Office, and Library hours.

  1. Doors are unlocked at 7 am and locked at 5 pm (1 pm on Friday)

  2. Office Hours:  Monday – Thursday 8 am – 4 pm, Friday 8 am – 1 pm

  3. Library Hours:  Monday – Thursday 7 am – 5 pm, Friday 7 am – 1 pm, Early Release Days 1

  4. Please note: The information above reflects school days and school hours. We often have practices and games on campus. Doors will be open for public sports games.

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