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The Outstanding Senior Project

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PAA’s Senior Project is an academic challenge and a graduation requirement that develops skills students use for a lifetime.

One of the most remarkable and laborious projects seen in years was Will Johnson’s full length Science Fiction Album. Will spent more than 400 hours on his project. He wrote all of the music (and included lyrics and music scores), recorded it in our music studio (nearly all instrumentation were played by him), then mixed and mastered the album. He spent nearly two years on the project and his tenacity, time management, foresight and insatiable desire to learn and create was a perfect example of why PAA values the Senior Project.

Joan Oksenholt, creator of the Senior Project Course at PAA, says, “It’s important to remember that we are training students now for careers that haven’t even been developed yet. The Senior Project helps develop skillsets that our young people will use in the 21st century world.”

Pursuing interests and following curiosity, planning projects, managing their time and then seeing their commitments through are key traits of success in every area of life. These skills are developed in the process of the Senior Project. The project also requires a detailed presentation to panelists.

A more detailed story is found in the October issue of The Gleaner magazine.

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