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Summer School: International Students Immerse in Language and Culture

This summer, 12 young students (12 to 16 year-olds) came to Portland Adventist Academy from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their three-weeks of English immersion provided a chance to interact and practice their developing language skills with regular American teens as well as their host families.

Covering a range of topics from United States history to the English language, morning classes provided a foundation for the students to build their knowledge. With our PAA students by their sides, international students heard and practiced using American slang, American accents, and quirky idioms. Even telling jokes and singing songs gave further grasp of our language.

Afternoons were for fun! Adventures out and about the beautiful region let international students put their knowledge to work. They spent time hiking around gorge waterfalls, visiting museums, baking cookies, touring local organizations like the Humane Society, and visiting important historical and governmental sites, all while hanging out with PAA students. The outings also gave them a taste of what every-day American teens do for fun: mini-golf, water parks, going out to eat at a favorite restaurant, and simply hanging out with their friends.

Opportunity is the core purpose for this program. PAA’s International Student director, Maria Bibb designed the program to offer experiences one could never get from a textbook or desk learning alone.

Even better, some of these very students enroll in PAA’s International Student school year, giving host families, PAA students, and teachers, a chance to make a long-term difference in their lives by introducing them to Jesus.

You can be a part of this unique mission. Host families are needed for the coming school year! If you’re interested in being a part of this opportunity, contact Maria Bibb at

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