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Service Day 2016


Jonathan says the best part of service day is seeing a smile on someone else’s face and knowing you helped make that happen.

The weather was wet and cool during this year’s Inside Out Service Day. But it didn’t dampen our spirits! Students showed up with smiles. Staff, pastors, and parents showed up with tools, vehicles, and leading hearts – some with donuts!

With a total of 23 service locations, the PAA Service Day teams impacted the city of Portland in both small and big ways.

Many students headed to non-profit organizations that lift up people with limited resources; The Oregon Food Bank, PACS, ReStore, and more.

Some groups visited local nature reserves, parks, and farms where they used their energy on caring for God’s creation.

Several students went to the homes of people living with difficult health issues.

A handful of groups did neighborly work. Using their bounding-energy, our varsity cross country team ran up and down the 205 bike path to collect litter. That afternoon they ran to a nearby preschool that depends on volunteers to maintain their landscaping. Still another group spent the morning baking and packaging cookies which were then delivered to homes in PAA’s surrounding neighborhood.

Jonathan Yoon, a freshman who experienced his first Inside Out Service Day at PAA, said it best. “The greatest part of service day is seeing a smile on someone else’s face and knowing you helped make that happen.”

Check out the slide show below, created by Physics Teacher and group leader, Kevin Petersen. You can also see a full album at our facebook page. Like, share, tag… you know the drill!

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