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Report of May 21 Special Constituency Meeting

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

PAA campus in spring

On May 21, 2023, representatives from PAA’s constituent churches met to review and discuss the issues of whether PAA should remodel, relocate or rebuild in place as new.

While these issues were brought to the constituency in the fall of 2019, it was felt that enough time had passed and delays caused by the pandemic warranted another discussion and review of these issues.

On May 25, PAA Principal Mechelle Peinado sent the following Report to Constituent Churches and delegates.

TO: PAA Constituent Churches and Delegates FROM: Mechelle Peinado, Principal RE: PAA Special Constituency Meeting Report DATE: Thursday, May 25, 2023

First of all, thank you for your time, prayers, investment, support, and connection with Portland Adventist Academy. This is your school and your mission. I feel incredibly blessed to serve PAA’s kids and families on your behalf. Thank you.

On Sunday, May 21, PAA held a special constituency meeting to revisit the 2019 decision to remodel vs. rebuild or relocate, and then to discuss funding the facility needs.

A meeting facilitator had delegates work in small, mixed-church groups to wrestle with questions, discuss all aspects, and share between groups. Delegates decided, by a significant margin, to continue toward a remodel of PAA’s current facility.

A video was shown that shared the state of the facility, and also outlined many of the strengths that could be built on with a remodel. (View the video here.)

The meeting moved to brainstorming and discussing avenues to fund the facility.

Each small group produced its own list of ideas. The lists included ideas such as: capital campaign, leasing/selling PAA’s north acres, identifying and working with potential donors, approaching Maranatha, expanding the constituency, partnering with and seeking support from Portland area churches and the Oregon Conference, donor naming opportunities (such as bricks, rooms, etc.) while remodeling, prayer campaign, raising energy and enthusiasm, and more.

All of those lists were brought to PAA’s board.

PAA’s board is working through the lists of ideas. It is clear there will need to be a multi-prong approach to facility funding. There is no one obvious solution.

Please continue to keep PAA and its mission in your prayers as the board explores a variety of fundraising paths.

Mechelle Peinado Principal

Questions or comments about this Special Constituency Meeting or the remodel project may be directed to Mechelle Peinado by email or by calling 971-351-9031.

Before we can actually begin the remodel project, we must address non-conforming items from the previous master plan. You can find background and history of PAA’s rebuild-remodel project on the PAA website here.

To support the remodel project, you may give online here or contact Development Director Sam Vigil Jr. by email or at 971-351-9028.

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