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The Most Unlikely Candidate

He was the most unlikely candidate to serve in the White House Honor Guard for three US Presidents.

And it was only possible because of the caring teachers at PAA. And generous donors who chose to support Adventist education who made it possible for him to be at PAA.

Watch Terry Johnsson tell the compelling story of how being at PAA made all the difference in his journey in this 3-minute video:

There are many students like Terry at PAA. Today more than 50% of PAA’s 190 students rely on financial aid to attend and remain at PAA.

As you watch Terry’s story, will you consider giving to change a student’s life by helping them be at PAA? You may give a gift securely online here:

Investing in Christian education pays dividends for eternity. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you might support PAA’s students today.

Terry Johnsson, PAA Class of 1985, was able to attend PAA because of generous donors who chose to support Adventist education at PAA. Watch Terry tell his story in the video below.

You can find three other videos of alumni stories from our News page here.

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