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Parent Teacher Conferences Rebooted!

We are about to do ANOTHER new and adventurous thing together . . . Parent-Teacher Conferences via Zoom!

Parent-teacher conferences are on Wednesday, October 14 from 4 to 8pm.

If you’d like to connect with your child’s teachers, please schedule a time to meet with the information below. We’d love to meet with you in parent-teacher conferences to strengthen our partnership on behalf of your student.  If your student is struggling, this is an excellent time to talk.

Below is a list of all teachers and program directors, with the classes they teach and areas of responsibility. Zoom conferences will be scheduled in 15 minute blocks. To schedule an appointment:

Click on the link to make an appointment with the desired teacher.

When the calendar appears, go to October 14.

Choose a time, and click SAVE on the appointment.

You will immediately get a calendar invitation email with Zoom information.

If none of the available appointment times work for you, email the teacher using the teacher’s email link below, requesting an alternative appointment day and time.

We are eager to meet with you and partner together to excellently serve your student!  If you have difficulty, please email me ( so I can help.

Mechelle Peinado Principal Portland Adventist Academy





Reserve Spot

Aamodt, Mackenzie

-Spiritual Programs

Barrett, Rita

-Spanish I -Spanish II -Spanish III -Independent Spanish Reading

Bibb, Maria

  -U.S. Culture & Diversity   -International Program Questions

Carter, John

– Alegria/Choir -Band -Handbells -Drama -Publications

Dr. Erich, Tim

-AP World History -World History -Government & Economics

Gang, Brian

-Fundamentals of Algebra -Algebra I -Biology

Goh, Cindy

-Chemistry -Physical Science

Hughes, Jim

-Media Arts -Visual Arts

Johnson, Bob

-Geometry -Precalculus -Probability & Statistics

Johnson, Linda

-PE & Health -Anatomy & Physiology

Judd, Lance

-PE & Health

Knapp, David

-Auto Mechanics

Kootsey, Sean

-US History -Senior Seminar

Lemke, Steve

-Bible I -Bible II

Long, Jeremy

-Theory & Guitar -Music Performance & Production

Lundquist, Stephen

-Bible III -Bible IV

McCray, Drechelle

-Technology Questions 

Parra, Nathalia

-English I -Intensive English & Writing -Spanish I

Peinado, Mechelle

-All Questions & Concerns

Petersen, Kevin

-Algebra II -Physics -Intro to Engineering 

Rosenquist, Kelli

-Intro to Calculus -AP Calculus -AP Psychology

Smith, Mark

-Computer Applications -Game Design & Robotics -AP Computer Science Principles

Sparks, Deanne

-English III -AP English -Language & Composition -AP English Literature & Composition -AP US History

Sperl, Mary

-Academic Questions & Concerns

Struntz, Lynnette

-English II -English IV

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