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Our Thanks to Jason Bibb / Looking Forward

Portland Adventist Academy thanks Jason Bibb for his four years of service; first as Vice Principal of Finance and later as Principal. Mr. Bibb announced his resignation earlier this week:

      “I am writing this letter to let you know that my family and I are heading on a new journey – on a path that I was not seeking out but that I believe God is laying out for us. We will be relocating in September to Loma Linda, California, where I have accepted a position affiliated with the medical center. This was not an easy decision and we are continually praying that God be the leader in our family’s decisions.” (See his entire letter HERE)

Jason Bibb was the right man for the right time. He demonstrated calm leadership when it was needed most and invited Jesus into every conversation, every meeting, and every decision. Mr. Bibb will be missed.

Dan Nicola, Oregon Conference Associate Superintendent of Education says the search process has already begun. He added:

      “While we surely are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, when we fully put our trust in the Father we can say with all confidence that He’s bigger than any challenge we could ever imagine. He’s the Savior of the universe, so certainly He has a plan for PAA!” (See his full statement HERE.)

We will post updates on the principal search as they are made available: HERE.

Meanwhile, we ask for three things:

1) Pray for this process, for our students and staff, and for our coming school year.

2) Encourage a PAA teacher, staff member, or student. Offer to pray with them.

3) Believe and Trust. While change is not easy, it is brimming with hope and opportunity.

Looking forward, this school year our teachers are fully trained for Project Based Learning. The technology department begins offering Programming and Robotics. And hundreds of new chrome books are available for classroom use. It’s going to be a great year.

As we approach this much needed Sabbath, we invite you to rest assured. No matter the time and circumstance, PAA has always been a place where students meet Jesus. This is the heart of who we are and that’s not changing.

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