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Mr. Nicola’s News

It is with respect and gratitude that we thank Principal Dan Nicola for his leadership at Portland Adventist Academy. We also congratulate him on a coming new adventure.

Mr. Nicola has accepted a position at the Oregon Conference as Associate Superintendent of Education. He will finish the school year at PAA before he moves on to work with Gale Crosby, Vice President of Education and our former Principal.

“Dan brings a real desire to see our students grow spiritually and academically here in the Oregon Conference,” said Gale Crosby. “He has a personal faith in Jesus, strong leadership skills and has already brought many blessings to our education teams. I believe his influence, leadership, and strong belief in growing our academic program will be felt over an even broader range of our campuses for years to come.”

Mr. Nicola will represent secondary schools across the Oregon Conference to bring the high quality of education that PAA demonstrates to students across our entire conference. Until then, a search for a new Principal is a great priority.

We ask for your prayers as God guides our leaders in seeking an administrator who exemplifies Christ-centered and character-driven qualities.

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