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Moms in Prayer for PAA

This meme may sum up what brought these mothers together.

This meme may sum up what brought PAA mothers together to pray. 

“I feel a burden to pray for our children,” says Kimberly Shryer, a mother closely connected to Portland Adventist Academy. Shryer’s burden inspired her to form a weekly mothers’ prayer group that has been meeting at PAA for more than a year.

“Prayer is one of the pillars of our faith as Seventh-day Adventist Christians,” says Sheldon Parris, PAA Principal. “PAA is so blessed to have moms who are gracious enough to lift us up in prayer each week. God is doing great new things at PAA, and we know that those prayers are making a tremendous impact on our campus.”

“Our time together has made me more aware of the people in our school,” says Linda Mackett, whose grandson attends PAA. “While the impact of prayers can’t always be measured, I have seen that praying directly for someone makes us more sensitive to their needs. We are reaching out to students and teachers because our prayers have opened our eyes.”

Moms in Prayer for PAA has been active for more than a year. They meet on Monday mornings at PAA from 8:30 to 9:30am.

Moms in Prayer for PAA has been active for more than a year. They meet on Monday mornings at PAA from 8:30 to 9:30am.

With open eyes, God’s power is in view. “We are so much more aware of the miracles around us. We’ve had many answers to prayer,” says Mackett with joy. “But the most dramatic stories are nothing we can share. They’re private but truly amazing.”

Confidentiality is a core value of Moms in Prayer. “Whatever is shared during the meeting stays in the group,” says Shryer. “That’s how we establish trust between each other and feel safe to bring heartfelt prayer requests for our children. Because of this we have grown to love each other and care for each other’s children. It is rare to have dry eyes at the end of a meeting.”

“My grandson is in my realm of influence,” says Mackett. “I joined Moms in Prayer because I knew I needed wisdom to help direct him. I want to see him and his friends have relationships with God. You know, it’s easy to get so busy in life that we miss moments to pause and notice others; even the most precious people to us. But prayer helps this. I believe in Prayer. It’s the only way to live.”

“Today’s youth need our prayers,” says Shryer. “How blessed we are that our gracious Lord has promised never to turn His face away from us!”

Moms in Prayer for PAA are not alone. The community of teachers, pastors, and parents praying individually or collectively strengthens our schools and directly impacts young lives. “The prayers of parents and supporters of PAA are like wind to a flame,” says Monte Torkelsen, PAA Spiritual Life Director. “They make everything better. I’m thankful to all who take the time to intervene on the behalf of PAA.”

There is always room for more prayers! To be a part of this powerful movement, contact Kimberly Shryer at Meetings happen every Monday from 8:30 to 9:30am at PAA.  

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