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Meet Mr. Hughes

Jim Hughes (left) loves making memories in the outdoors with his family.

Meet Mr. Hughes

Jim Hughes comes to PAA from Campion Academy in Colorado to be our full-time Art teacher. He holds a bachelor’s degree in art and a master’s degree in outdoor education. He’s been working with and for young people for 26 years and 18 of those have been in education. Jim is a lover of nature, has a wide variety of hobbies, and adores his family. “I like mountain biking, camping, rafting, fly-fishing, off-roading, practicing primitive skills, making things, and doing all of this with family and friends. I have an amazing wife, Cheri and two daughters, Tylea and Mazi.” “Jim has a tremendous breadth of art related skill sets as well as a love of the outdoors and outdoor activities,” says Principal Mechelle Peinado. “Mark Kooy [our retiring art teacher] was able to meet with Jim and spend time with him in some art classes when he visited recently. He was able to get a good understanding of our amazing art program.” Mr. Hughes will bring a sense of wonder and awe for God to his classes. “I would like students to experience and understand that they are hand-crafted by a loving and actively involved Creator,” says Hughes. “Art, creativity, and the creative process are valuable platforms for developing the ‘mind, body, and spirit’ of balanced individuals and is a wonderful way to support a better understanding and application of that daily, practical, personal experience of Christ.” Christ-centered and character-driven teaching means his ultimate goal is to see his students grow in their understanding of God. “I want our students to know that they are surrounded by a group of staff that wants to know them and support them through their high school journey and beyond.”

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