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Host Families Needed for International Students

International students become part of the PAA family

Join the adventure!

PAA is seeking families to host students from overseas for their time at PAA.

International student program director Maria Bibb shared the following invitation:

Program Director Maria Bibb

We will be welcoming several students this year from overseas to our school and church community.  These students have many choices of schools in America and they have chosen to come here, mostly because of our reputation for being a loving, active and friendly school.

We do not have dorms and that is a huge benefit for us.  Visiting students have an opportunity to learn from us at school and at home.  It’s also pretty fun to learn about them and create lifelong, possibly eternal friendships!

I have hosted many times and would love to share about what that can look like for you and your family.  If you’re interested in learning more, please email or call me at 503-490-5026.

International students enjoy being part of the PAA family

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