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Deadline – June 30, 2022

UPDATE: 7/6/22

Thank you!

Because of generous donors like you, the goal has been reached and surpassed!

Our fiscal year end goal of raising $11,000 for remaining need has been reached and exceeded for a total of more than $16,000.

Thank you  for your generosity!

Those gifts exceeding the $11,000 need will go toward student scholarships for the 2022-23 school year.

If you’d like to support PAA Student Scholarships (PAASS) for the new school year, you may do so on our secure online giving page.

If you’d like to consider giving monthly, you may do so on our secure Champions for PAA giving page or by calling 503-255-8372.


UPDATE: 6/23/22

Great news!

A generous donor has pledged a Challenge Gift of $6,000!

He’s challenging others to give by June 30only one week away! – to meet his $6,000 challenge and take us past our immediate need of $11,000 – and help get started on next year’s scholarship needs.

Click here to Give Now

Any gifts received exceeding the immediate year-end need of $11,000 will go toward the next school year’s scholarship needs. Thank you!


June 30, 2021

If you’ve ever watched [TV show] Fixer Upper, a super popular home improvement show, you’ll notice that there’s something quite different about the husband and wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Whatever that special something is, it causes 24 million viewers to tune in for a dose of it.

PAA students

Chip, a contractor, and Joanna, a designer, work together to renovate old worn-down homes into something new and beautiful. 

But it’s not just the work they do that sets them apart … it’s the way they encourage, giggle at each other, and hug their children that make you realize that there’s something very different about this couple. 

And now we know their secret – the foundation of their love is Jesus Christ. (From

Just as you see Chip and Joanna love and care for their children, you’ll see PAA teachers loving and caring for “their” PAA kids.


A few months ago Principal Mechelle Peinado received an email from a parent whose child had missed school because she was ill. The parent said how much she and her daughter appreciated PAA’s teachers.

Several teachers had emailed or called the student to find out how she was doing, not just with schoolwork, but personally.

“That meant so much to her,” the mom said. “To have teachers reach out and ask how she was doing, to genuinely care about her, was so unexpected and meaningful.”

Those are the kind of teachers we have here at PAA – they care. They’re genuinely interested in the success and well-being of each student.

To have teachers reach out... was so unexpected.

They’re motivated because of the foundation of PAA’s mission to guide and educate students to become Christ-Centered, Character-Driven individuals.

Recently a PAA substitute teacher supervising the Independent Study class had an interesting conversation with a student new to PAA this year.

Alongside his Chromebook laptop, books and papers, he had a Bible on the table.

“Do you know much about the Bible?” the teacher asked.

“I really don’t,” he said. “My family is Buddhist.”

“Would you mind telling me about what you’ve been reading?” the teacher asked.

The student excitedly opened the Bible to Genesis 1 – the story of creation.

“When I read this, I get kind of a warm feeling inside,” he said. “It’s amazing! I’ve never read this before!”

That’s the type of environment created by PAA’s caring teachers and staff, founded on faith, where students are guided to discover for themselves that God cares about them.

More than 40% of our students this year have received some level of financial aid, without which they would not be able to attend PAA.

Imagine PAA without nearly half its students! You make it possible for them to be here.

As we near our June 30 fiscal year end, would you consider a generous gift to help PAA’s students?

When you support the PAA Student Scholarship program, you are providing the opportunity for students to experience PAA’s Christ-Centered, Character-Driven teachers and mission.

We’ve set a goal to raise $30,000 by June 30.

Your gift today will help to finish off the $11,000 needed for this current fiscal year and get a jump start on next fiscal year’s scholarship needs, which we anticipate will be higher than ever in our rapidly changing economy.

Donors like you have been so generous in supporting PAA’s students.

Your gift today helps assure that deserving students continue to have the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ at PAA.

Please give a gift today by visiting PAA’s secure online donation page here or calling PAA at 503-255-8372.

Thank you so much for your generous consideration of this invitation.

Click here to Give Now

P.S. Perhaps your budget won’t allow that “big gift” you’d like to make. Have you considered the power of monthly giving?

For example, a monthly gift of $25 becomes $300 in 12 months.

Sign up with our secure online form here or call PAA at 503-255- 8372 to give or for more information.

Go to Monthly Giving donation form
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