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Cougars in Coos Bay!

Congratulations to our ladies for an outstanding season!

Their final game of the championship ended with a 52-43 win! This placed our girls in 4th place, the best standing in PAA women’s basketball history!

You can read a fantastic recap of the story written by The World’s sports reporter Tim Novotny: Click HERE.

The team and fans have so much to be proud of. This was a fantastic season played by our girls with truly great leadership from Ty and Dawn Johnson. And the fans! The fans! This was one of the most attended women’s championship event and we thank YOU for showing up with great attitudes and your positive spirit of support all season long.

Athlete of the week, March 4th!

And Congratulations to Sarah Halversen who was voted Oregon Live’s Athlete of the Week on March 4th. She received  45.69% of the votes with  26,076 votes total. Thank you fans for making this happen! 

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