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Complete a Year Long World History Class in 6 Weeks!

PC: Adam Bichler ||

We’re thrilled to be able to offer Summer World History class! This intensive class gives students the advantages of:

  1. A Jump-start introduction experience for students new to high school

  2. Compacting a year of required history credit into six weeks

  3. Allowing students to focus on just one subject

  4. Freeing up a spot during the school year for fun elective classes [Wahoo! Art, Guitar, Auto Mechanics, Drama, and more!]

The six-week summer session is held June 21st through July 30 (with the exception of July 5). The class will meet daily from 8:30am to 1:00pm. And, as always, pandemic protocol is faithfully observed (masks, distancing, frequent hand-washing, and desk disinfecting).

The cost is $450. Register for Summer World History by calling Mary Sperl at 503.519.6868. See full details and download class information HERE.

Click HERE to watch a quick video from the class instructor and a PAA student who took the class last summer! 

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