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Breakfast Boosts Brain Power

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PAA wants to give students the best opportunities to succeed; especially on test days. So this year, on ITED testing day, PAA offered a full and hot breakfast to help the students deal with the tedious tasks ahead.

Attention, learning, and focus are enhanced when students (and adults, too) eat breakfast. While it’s not new information, it is definitely easier to grab a granola bar and juice box on the way out the door, eat it in your car, then dust the crumbs from your lips as you walk into school or work. But our fast food habits aren’t helping us succeed.

“I have to be here at seven for choir,” said Carmella Lorenson, a sophomore, “so usually I don’t get a very good breakfast. But on our test days, it was one less thing I had to worry about. It was nice to feel less rushed and to be full on something that was warm and really good.”

Students were served pancakes, fruit toppings, and vegetarian sausages one day and scrambled eggs, tater tots, applesauce and pears the next. Orange juice topped them off and they were ready to head into their classrooms with fresh energy.

It’s not just on test days that breakfast matters most. That’s one reason PAA offers a hot breakfast every morning. Students can stop into the cafeteria and buy a breakfast burrito, fruit, or muffin and be ready to face the busy day.

Even the teachers got involved. Cindy Goh, our science teacher, and Linda Neel, music teacher, served students with a smile and encouragement for the day.

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