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Be The Light Night – Celebrating Varsity Seniors

When all organized athletic activities and games were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, PAA seniors Damon Wong and Jonathon Knapp joined millions of other seniors closing their high school sports season early.

On May 7, the Wong and Knapp families met golf coaches Kevin Petersen and David Knapp at PAA’s Damazo Field for the weekly Be The Light Night. A ceremony of recognition gave coaches Kevin Petersen and David Knapp the opportunity to express their admiration and thanks directly to the senior athletes and their families.

“I have missed Johnathan’s true individuality and how he shares that on the golf course,” says Petersen.

“As Johnathan’s dad,” says Knapp, “I can say you always want your kid to do well and as a coach you want the student to do well.  I have seen him grow in new friendships and I have heard other coaches from other teams comment on him in a positive way, so it makes me feel good.”

A masked Petersen keeps the distance between his golf team senior stars Johnathan (left) and Damon during photos for the senior ceremony at PAA’s Damazo Field.

“I was also looking forward to seeing how far up the score chart Damon would have gone this year,” adds Knapp.

“Damon was looking at the opportunity to have qualified and participated in the state tournament four straight years in high school,” says Petersen. “This would have been the first golfer I have had who would have accomplished this in my 13+ years of being in charge of the cougar golf program.”

Petersen talked about the unique attributes of the game and how the mental skills gained in golf can help us move forward in faith even when times are uncertain.

“Golf challenges athletes to persevere and fight through difficult situations,” says Petersen. “It also provides the opportunity to develop integrity and push for true individual honesty.”

As history is being made with every passing day of the pandemic, the Portland Adventist Academy community finds community and encouragement in moments like these.

May 7, 2020 – Be The Light Night

May 7, 2020 – Be the Light Night at PAA

Be the Light Night at PAA

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