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With the H20 Project Your $1 becomes $2

Yesterday’s delays have become today’s necessity. 

At Portland Adventist Academy, we find ourselves in a position where several costly maintenance items have suffered from postponement.


For the past 15+ years, the board and community were planning on building a brand new facility due to the age and condition of the current facilities.

No previous administration or board during that time period felt it prudent to spend thousands of dollars on something that would be torn down in preparation for the new school.

Those costly maintenance issues were given the bandaid treatment and nursed along for what has turned out to be two decades.

What Now?

Today’s reality is that costs have skyrocketed compared to 15+ years ago. An entirely brand new facility does not appear to be feasible. The PAA board and administrators are exploring a remodel and remains the current vision.

In the short-term – we must address our crucial and functional needs NOW, for the health and safety of our current and future students.

And – THANKS to a new matching-gift donor – NOW WE CAN!


HOT WATER TANK – $10,000 to replace
  1. Provides hot water to locker room showers and restrooms

  2. Think of our students; cold showers, cold water to wash hands

WATER VALVE SYSTEM – $9,000 to replace
  1. Valves control the water for our entire campus

  2. The original valves date back to the early 1960s when this facility was first built

  3. Current leaks are adding THOUSANDS of dollars to our monthly water bill

  1. Let’s protect and improve the longevity of these investments

NEW GYM ROOF – Only $7,000 left to finish off this campaign (Learn more HERE)

Thank you” seems inadequate in celebrating our H2O Project Matching Gift Campaign DONOR. This donor’s passion for PAA and belief that you will join WITH them is powerful!

Because of this incredible gift, your dollar becomes two. The potential $40,000 is something we can do Together. We can create a $40,000 treasure to provide hot showers for our students, replace a 1960s vintage water valve system, and finish the roof to prevent damaging leaks.

Let’s join together and do this! No more postponement!

The sooner we can shape up this postponed work, the faster our administration and board can focus on our long-term improvements. 

And THANK YOU for everything! Our prayers continue for YOU and YOURS as we all recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. We are SO grateful for the continued philanthropic support that has been blessing PAA – especially in the past year. We couldn’t do this work without YOU!

May God bless you, Always!

Mechelle Peinado, PAA Principal

Sam Vigil Jr., CFRE, PAA Development Director

PC: Thanks to Jason Leung via

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