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What Would PAA Be Like if One-Third of all Students Didn’t Come Back to School?

Story Updated: January 6, 2021



Nikolai* is a junior at PAA and ONE of about a THIRD of our STUDENTS who will benefit from the PAA Student Scholarship. Nikolai keeps his grades up, is a student leader, and is active in Cougar athletics. He also holds a job and helps pay for his PAA tuition.  

“My mom works hard to support me and my siblings. It’s worth the extra effort I put into my day to help her and myself so that I can be here at PAA. I don’t want to go to school anywhere else.”

Nikolai receives tuition assistance from the Portland Adventist Academy Student Scholarship fund. He and about 1/3 of the our students are attending PAA because of this vital scholarship!

So . . . What would PAA do without 1/3 of our students?!

We don’t like to think about that… we would be an entirely different school. Every student makes a difference to the spirit of our campus and community.

Students like Nikolai are the very reasons your gift to PAASS matters so much! Make your gift to Nikolai and his friends at

If you want to know more about our PAASS students and their various needs, contact our Development Director, Sam Vigil Jr. CFRE at 503.255.8372.

*Nikolai isn’t his real name, of course. We change student names for the sake of their privacy.

Three Messages to Get You Through 2020!

During the PAASS Virtual Auction, we shared many stories about students directly impacted by the PAASS program. We also shared these videos. We think you’ll find them encouraging! 

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