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Welcome new English Teacher, Mrs. Shim

Lucky for us, Sonia Shim loves books!

“Literature is truly a window into every subject, culture, time period and emotion you can imagine,” she says. “So much can be learned from studying the written work of those who have come before us and have shaped our world.”

Mrs. Shim brings this kind of joy into her classroom every day because “teaching is a noble responsibility and privilege,” as she says.

Mrs. Shim received her BA in English from UCLA and then taught at Loma Linda Academy Junior High. She then started a successful SAT and PSAT tutoring business from home for several years.

Portland is home to Sonia. But only because, after 11 years, it’s the longest place she’s ever lived. She loves Portland and says she’s never looked back on her exciting life living in every region of the country.

But along with this sense of belonging, there also comes a wandering and curious spirit. She loves traveling and says she’s always itching for her next adventure! She recently led a mission trip to Belize. She also travels often for her home business, a flash-sale website called Hello, Potato.

Sonia adores her husband, Kevin, and their two kids, Caleb and Casey. From golf, YouTube, music, fashion, travel, books, and their dog Fritz, their hobbies are diverse and their energy is boundless.

She also adores her fellow academic colleagues. “To me there is no better community than that of like-minded individuals striving for the same goal,” she says. “We can root for each other, strengthen one another, and hold each other accountable. My hope for my students is that they learn the value of their place on this earth and that they will yearn to contribute to it!”

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