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We’re Going to Cuba!

We’re going to CUBA!

This is one of the most exciting mission trips in our history! We’re grateful for the leadership of Andrews University as Rita Barrett, or “Profe” our Spanish teacher and trip sponsor, travels with our Spanish class students to help the ministry. Learn more by clicking HERE.

You can help in several ways!

1) Donate funds to help ease the cost of travel. Click HERE to donate and be sure to leave a note in the message box about where you want your funds to go.

2) Find a working instrument (maybe in your attic?) and share it with us! We’re helping to support a church who wants to begin a youth music ministry. (Small instruments please) For information or to donate, e-mail Rita Barret at

3) Help a Pastor in Cuba by clicking HERE. Many do not have cars, computers, and resources to translated Adventist libraries. “Andrews University is raising funds to give each pastor a bicycle, as most pastors in Cuba have no transportation. An average monthly salary is $20 a month, so you can imagine they lack a lot of what we take for granted. Andrews is also providing a laptop, loaded with scores of e-books and other ministry materials for the pastors. Our impact will last long beyond the two weeks we are there!” ~Rita Barrett

4) Follow the blog! You’ll be so inspired as you read Profe’s accounts of their preparation, travel, and work. Click HERE.

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