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UPDATED: 100% of the COVID CARING FUND Has Been Met!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

GOAL MET!!!  $125,000 RAISED TO DATE:  $125,000 REMAINING:   $0

Thank you!

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The COVID RELIEF FUND scholarships will continue to assist specific families most affected by the pandemic – allowing those students to remain at PAA, despite not being able to complete tuition payments.


Through the generosity of donors like you, last summer’s COVID-19 Relief Fund Campaign raised more than $55,000 to date toward our $62,500 goal. And now, thanks to you, the remaining portion PLUS MORE has been covered! THANK YOU!

These scholarship funds have been especially beneficial for students and families who have lost or experienced reduced income from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Without help from the Relief Fund, these students would not have returned to PAA. 

While we are all so hopeful for a vaccine and the eventual end to Covid-19, we continue to  see the financial effects of this virus. There are many PAA families who have lost reliable work or are facing a potential future without work because of this pandemic.

Sadly, we don’t expect the financial losses to resolve for many of our families any time soon. That’s why completing this goal was so important for the rest of this school year!


Thank you!

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