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Thank you for helping PAA students

Thank you for supporting the 2021 Year-End Giving Campaign

Thanks to donors like you, the “Dividends, Anyone?” year-end campaign raised nearly $23,000 for the benefit of PAA students.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Here’s the breakdown in round numbers:

  1. Student Scholarships: $10,055

  2. Campus Renewal: $7,845

  3. Greatest Need: $2,800

  4. Music, Art, Athletics departments: $2,200

Here’s a little more about what your giving is helping to accomplish:

Student Scholarships is the biggest area: Your giving and that of those like you is helping students to attend PAA who otherwise would not be able to be here to receive a Christ-Centered, Character-Driven education. More than 40% of our students this year depend on generosity like yours to attend PAA.

Your giving helped to raise the $4,000 needed to close the gap of our Fall Celebration $60,000 event goal, plus another $6,000 toward the remaining $40,000 needed to reach the overall $100,000 level PAA needs to fund raise for the current school year.

Campus Renewal: Your giving and that of those like you is helping to continue building the funds needed for the projected remodel, improve the campus appearance (parking lot landscaping and irrigation) and improve campus security.

Greatest Need: Your giving and that of those like you is providing the flexibility to help fill the gaps where it is needed right now. That could be for things like maintenance and repairs, classroom supplies or other needs, technology, or any of the many things that are needed to provide the physical plant and programs to educate PAA’s students.

Music, Art, Athletics: Our thanks to several donors who chose to support Music, Art and Athletics programs that help to develop and train students with varied talents and abilities. These programs are providing other activities and experiences that help to form well-rounded students.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and generosity in supporting PAA’s students.

Supporters like you continue to help PAA students in so many ways. You are so greatly appreciated!

If you did not have an opportunity to give during our campaign before the end of the year, you may give at any time on the secure online giving form here.

You may view the appeal message, “Paying Dividends for Eternity,” here on the website or download the full PDF appeal letter here.

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