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Sporty Summer at PAA

Pony-tails and running shoes bounced around our campus this summer. Our annual summer camps program is growing by leaps and bounds!

PAA served nearly 160 kids ranging in age from kindergarten to eighth grade. Future PAA Cougars were a part of Basketball, Soccer, and Softball camps. All the while, it offered employment to PAA students who served as athletic counselors. It was a huge success and we expect the program to continue to grow.

This effort to reach future students also extends to a winter program for young athletes. Adventist Basketball League serves four Adventist schools in our area and keeps over 170 young ones active through the wet winter months.

Adventist Basketball League will start back up in the winter of 2016.  If your children are elementary aged and enjoy basketball, stay close to PAA online for details. Like us on facebook at Portland Adventist Academy or follow us on twitter @paasda for the latest news. Find all the information at

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