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Postponed! International Food Festival is Coming Spring 2019


The International Food Festival has been posteponed for a future date yet to be determined. 


We’re having an International Food Festival and you’re invited!

Churches, schools, clubs or other groups can join the festival for free and use the event to raise money to support your cause (Mission trip? Pathfinder Club? Class Trip?).

You cook, serve, and sell a unique and delicious dish that best represents the cultures of your community.

Sell samples, plates, and/or take-home platters for $1 to $10.

You take home 50% of the proceeds to help fund your current or future needs.

It’s free to participate but only 13 booths are available so get your name on the list soon.

Contact Darcie Hordofa to reserve your booth or to find out more: or 503.255.8372 x215.

The Nitty-Gritty Details! 

PAA provides  A 5-6 foot table, electricity, water, and the very basics – no charge!

YOU provide  The food (enough to serve at least 50 people), serve ware, napkins, warming/cooling needs, booth decor, extension cords, and volunteers. Feel free to bring additional tables or chairs.

WHEN   Spring 2019 – Date to be Determined 

MONEY  Everything you sell needs to be in one-dollar increments. You may charge a maximum of $10 per dish. Your customers will pay you in tickets ($1 per ticket). At the end of the night, you’ll turn in the tickets you received. The PAA finance officer will process your funds. Your group keeps 50% of the profits. PAA’s Student Association keeps the other 50% to supplement the costs of their events. You will receive your portion of the proceeds by check at the end of the following week.

*For safety reasons, there will be little to no access to the PAA kitchen.

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