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Parents Rate PAA Highly in Survey

Once a year PAA conducts three surveys of various aspects of PAA, its teachers and programs, the results of which are used to help shape PAA’s various programs.

Recently PAA conducted the annual Parent Evaluation Survey of PAA.

The average score of the 16 statements on a 10-point scale was 8.4 or higher. Among the statements evaluated were:

  1. PAA is helping my student grow in a relationship with Jesus

  2. The educational program offered at PAA is of high quality

  3. PAA provides students and teachers with a safe and orderly environment for learning

  4. I feel that I am receiving value for my investment

You may view the statements and responses graphs below.

Several parents included written comments about why they choose PAA and what they feel PAA’s strength are. A few quotes from those responses are:

  1. “The staff and leadership at PAA is excellent.  In addition to providing a first rate education, the staff is genuinely concerned about the social and spiritual aspects of my kid’s growth.”

  1. “Academic excellence, dedicated staff, smaller learning environment, consistent emphasis on spiritual growth/ample opportunities.”

  1. “My children feel noticed and cared about by the teachers. PAA has a strong academic program and excellent teachers.”

  1. “We have chosen PAA due to the emphasis and encouragement of spiritual growth as being at least equally important as academic excellence.  We feel PAA provides them the opportunity for building friendships and being mentored by teachers who will strengthen their love for God.”

  1. “Commitment and mentoring by teachers and staff.  Mission for growing kids in Christ.”

  1. “The community environment that PAA fosters and the encouragement in leadership for the students while keeping a Christ centered curriculum and values.”

  1. “The Christian teachers and knowing that my student has teachers/staff who look out for him.”

  1. “The supportive environment created by the teachers and the nurturing culture.  The faculty are incredibly committed to the students and we are very grateful.  PAA represents the best of what Adventist education can offer in an urban environment and we are incredibly grateful.”

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