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Parent Workshop, May 11, 6:30pm : How to Help Your Teen Navigate their Spiritual Path

Pastor Jonny Moor recently completed a project he designed to help 100 Portland Adventist Academy junior and senior students find meaningful spiritual practices.  He’s excited to share what he has learned with you!

On May 11, 6:30pm, Pastor Jonny will lead a Parent Workshop where he will discuss . . .

. . .  the importance of a vulnerable and humble personal spirituality . . . self-understanding as a starting point for fostering spirituality

. . . spiritual friendships as an untapped resource

. . . making room for doubt and differences

This Parent Workshop is a part of a project for Pastor Jonny Moor’s doctoral program in discipleship and biblical spirituality he is pursuing through Andrews University. Pastor Jonny has been doing ministry with high school students and young adults since 2003. He grew up in Portland, lives here with his wife and dog, and has been the pastor at Healing Hope Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship in NE Portland since 2017.


Thoughts from Pastor Jonny: 

There is this great phrase in Scripture that is especially true of parenting in the days of isolation with family.

“Love covers a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8) It is never too late or the wrong time to love your teen a little more or a little better.

Maybe you’ve snapped. Maybe you’ve been impatient. Maybe you’ve just been so stressed you haven’t been able to give a real listening ear.

It’s okay. Make a new choice. Tell your teen a reason you are truly proud of them, take some time to listen to them without giving advice or correction, or pull out an old favorite game or movie and go at it together being present the whole time. (Pick the one you do the least.) Remember that humor is the basic currency of high school communication. Find moments to laugh. None of us ever do all the right things. But you have everything you need to be a great parent to a teenager.  – you have a teenager – you have the capacity to love – and you have a God who can pour love into and through you. God is with you. Keep being a rockstar parent!

Register for the PAA Parent Workshop to meet Pastor Jonny and learn more about how to support your child’s unique spiritual journey.

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