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Parent Workshop I : Let’s Talk About Vaping

One of our goals at Portland Adventist Academy is to provide resources that will help start conversations and foster an environment for healthy families and healthy individuals – spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Parent Workshops are for all families regardless of their child’s enrollment at PAA.


This month, we took a hard look at a problem so harmful but yet so hard to spot.

It’s been in the news a lot lately because health care workers are finding more and more people (especially young people, like our students) in their clinics and hospitals with mysterious lung diseases. Some have already lost their lives.

Spot the Vaping Devices:  Would you ever guess that a vaping device is concealed by a smart watch? Or a highlighter or pen? Teachers and parents alike couldn’t tell the difference.

Real Quotes: “I started when I was 13.”  –  “The people I know who vape are actually good students”  –  “Some of my friends are sponsored by vape companies, so they get them for free.”  –  “There are too many flavors to count … bubble gum  … cotton candy … even unicorn poop.”   –  “There’s no way my parents are going to find out.”  –  “I was 13 when I first started to vape.”

Be on the lookout for future parent workshops. And if there are topics you would like to see addressed, please contact vice principal, Drechelle McCray at 

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