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PAA Welcomes New Teachers!

Please welcome three new teachers to the PAA family! Jeremy Long, Caroline Lipman, and Jody Alexander.

What a blessing it is to be able to add another full time position to our staff! Filling that role is Caroline Lipman who joins our math and science department teaching Algebra I and Physical Science classes. Mrs. Lipman has a big heart for Adventist Education. “Because of my strong belief and experience in the Lord,” she says, “I share my experiences with my students. I encourage them and always refer back to God as our greatest Teacher, Scientist, and Mathematician.” Read more about Mrs. Lipman by clicking

Jody Alexander comes to PAA to continue the growth of our Language Department teaching American Sign Language classes I and II. He comes to PAA as an experienced interpreter and new teacher.  His understanding of the language is beyond incredible because ASL is his FIRST language. Learn more about that experience and what makes him such a fascinating person, click

Jeremy Long is a PAA graduate of 2011 and returns “home” to PAA to teach Performance & Production. He’s a former student of Tim Ellis, therefore a phenomenal musician who knows the ins-and-outs of our professional studio like the back of his hand. Best of all, it’s clear that God has been preparing Jeremy for his time at PAA. His education, his real-life performance and production experiences, and his love for PAA will benefit our students tremendously. We’re thrilled to have him back. Read all about Mr. Long,

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