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PAA Highlights at the NAD Teachers’ Convention

Thousands of SDA teachers from north America meet every five years.

The North American Division 2018 Teachers’ Convention comes to an end today.

Thousands of Adventists teachers and principals from all over the country have been meeting this week to learn, grow, and be inspired.

At this year’s convention, our Spanish teacher, Rita Barrett, was chosen to help lead fellow language teachers. She was the featured speaker for two sessions discussing the power of Brain Breaks as well as Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) which has been the catalyst behind our Spanish students’ amazing accomplishments!

PAA teachers, Mark Smith, Stephen Lundquist, and Mehcelle Peinado hold Excellence in Teaching awards.

Meanwhile, Maria Bibb, our International Student Director was featured in a joint session with Andrews Adventist Academy to explore how International Student Programs fit with the Adventist Education model and mission.

The show stopping moment for PAA was at the Tuesday evening program when Pastor Stephen Lundqist, one of our Bible teachers, was surprised with an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Alumni Awards Foundation!

PAA is so proud that out of 110 award winners since 1995, three of them teach at PAA!

We pray for the safety of all NAD teachers traveling home tomorrow. May God bless their schools!

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