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PAA Celebrates Mechelle Peinado’s Acceptance to Lead as Principal

PAA’s newly named principal, Mechelle Peinado

Portland Adventist Academy is pleased and blessed to share the news that Mechelle Peinado has been named principal.

Read the Oregon Conference Education Department’s official announcement HERE. (Read the timeline of the principal search HERE.)

Dan Nicola, Associate Superintendent of Education at the Oregon Conference, said this in a written announcement:

“To have a person with her high qualities of character and leadership at the helm of PAA is truly a blessing for this community. Mrs. Peinado has expressed her desire to work tirelessly to help PAA be a school that provides the best possible opportunities for success for its students in an environment where they experience the boundless love of Jesus and learn how to share that love with others.”

Principal Peinado has served several capacities in her four years at PAA.

As a teacher, she has established warm and supportive relationships with students while challenging them to grasp concepts that grow their understanding of the world around them.

As a parent partner, she has worked tirelessly to support families as they seek a safe and loving environment for their children.

As vice principal of academics, she has been on the front line of moving PAA and other schools towards Project Based Learning classrooms while growing academic offerings and expanding services for students with a variety of learning abilities.

As an interim principal, she has led the PAA community through ongoing challenges with grace and commitment to transparent and authentic communication.

We thank you for your prayers for Principal Peinado and for the PAA community as we grow our program in Jesus’ name.

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