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PAA Alumnus, Dr. Terry Johnsson Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

As a child, little Terry was in and out of many schools and told he would likely never succeed. He had severe dyslexia and attention problems during a time when learning disabilities were not understood and meaningful help could not be offered. Many teachers and principals encouraged him to drop out of school.

But eventually, Terry ended up at PAA. With the faith of his praying mother and the help of loving teachers like Thelma Winter, whom Johnsson calls “a teacher with a capital ‘T,'” Terry went on to live a truly remarkable and successful life! 

Dr. Johnsson was the first African-American from Oregon to serve as a U.S. Air Force Presidential Honor Guard at the White House for three United States Presidents.

Dr. Johnsson authored two books (Aim High and For His Honor) and travels the world as a public speaker, inspiring others to live to their potential.

Today he serves as VP for Mission Integration at Adventist Health Pacific Northwest Region where he is making a meaningful difference in the daily lives of our community and beyond.

Thelma Winter, his “capital ‘T’ teacher.” We are grateful that, no matter how GREAT Dr. Johnsson becomes, a sincere love shines out of him and demonstrates that value we strive to inspire in our students: to be Christ-centered and character-driven.

God bless our friend, Dr. Terry Johnsson!

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