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Oregon Governor Proclaims Oregon Private Schools Appreciation Day

It’s a good day for Oregon Private Schools! In a special proclamation, Oregon Governor, Kate Brown has declared February 4th, 2021 Oregon Private Schools Appreciation Day!

The challenges of the pandemic have brought together both private and public schools for collaboration, support, and the sharing of resources. This work continues to protect students, parents, teachers, and the community at large. It was in the darkest moments of the pandemic that respect and appreciation was built, ultimately benefiting all school communities in our great state! Oregon young people benefit the most from this unique collaboration.

“The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought about a new level of coordination and communication between the Oregon Department of Education and the private schools of our state,” said the Director of the Oregon Department of Education, Colt Gill.  “My hope is that some of our learnings from this year and the deep cooperation can continue in new and creative ways in the future. While the Department does not oversee the activities of private schools in a typical year, we do have much to learn from one another and we should strive to maintain the lines of communication that have opened.”

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