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Misted Memories – by Publications Author, Amanda Marx

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Memories have a funny way of appearing at the most unrelated and inconvenient times. Some catch you in the middle of a dream, others in the middle of an argument. There is no way to harness the past, I have given up that endeavor a long time ago. I have learned to embrace it, and laugh over the memories. So in this moment I drew them in, soaking up the happiness that they carried.

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I remember my first day at Portland Adventist Academy. It was halfway through first semester my freshman year. I knew absolutely no one, but I was thrilled to meet new people. I was excited for fresh opportunities, and happy to experience change. I still remember walking through the doors for the first time. Before going in, I took a deep breath and promised myself that I would succeed and make the most of the next four years.

I remembered a spontaneous drive to the coast with some of the Seniors. We sang along to the stereo with the loudest voices, and were just content being together. When we finally reached our destination, we meandered across the fresh expanse of sand. We absorbed the dawning of the day, and danced on the beach.

I remembered one of my long drives home, listening to inspiring music, my window rolled down, and staring into the heart of the Columbia Gorge. It was one of those moments where I was completely content. I was not stressing about school, drama, projects, growing up, or friends. I was not weighed down by the month’s torments and challenges. In that instant I was happy, and my mind was clear. I live for those moments. We all do.


by Amanda Marx

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