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Let’s Talk About PAA’s Core Values Videos

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We’ve launched a new series of videos in which students share their views and definitions of PAA’s five core values. Sometimes you might hear them referred to as our CLICC values that tie into our Spiritual Mission.

As outlined in PAA’s Student Handbook, the five values are:

  1. C – Courage. Facing my weaknesses and wrestling with my fears.

  2. L – Leadership. Knowing that I am always a leader of one and choosing to be a servant of others.

  3. I – Integrity. Striving to become truth-oriented with myself and others – being what I say I am.

  4. C – Curiosity. Developing an interest in the world around me.

  5. C – Concern. Being actively involved in the welfare of others.

Our aim is to release one video a month to the end of the school year focusing on one of those values.

Isa talks about Courage

Our second video is focused on Leadership. You’ll hear from a few PAA Alumni about their thoughts on what leadership is and what it means to be a leader.

Leadership - Jesica Ramos '06

Our next video captures from alumni, parents of students, and staff why high schoolers should learn and develop integrity.

Integrity-CLICC Core Values Series

In this fourth video, Class of 2023 seniors talk about how curiosity has been important and made their lives better.

Core Value - Curiosity
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