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Join the Fun of International Food Day!

International Food Day happens every month at PAA. It’s a day we open our kitchen door to a guest chef who creates a delicious meal for our students and staff to help us further enjoy a variety of food and culture.

We want to throw out a BIG thank you to Sandra Akrawi, our guest chef in October. She created spanakopita, with sides of rice, hummus, bubuganouch, and pita. We also are grateful to November’s guest chef who has asked to remain anonymous. She cooked up some amazing yakisoba with tofu and broccoli stir-fry. It was all so delicious!

We need YOU! Come be a guest chef for International Food Day. We’ll do the shopping and provide the kitchen and kitchen helpers. You just bring the recipes and techniques to teach us the way. Guest Chefs are needed for January through May! Email Chef Stef for more info:

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