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While goodbyes are never easy, we celebrate and respect God’s purpose for our departing teachers and staff. We recognize each of their gifts and we’re excited to see them share their talents with the world beyond PAA.

Tami Heddon has taught English at PAA for six years. Mrs. Heddon had a reputation for setting high standards for her students. She has been a model for a Christ-centered life in all her endeavors outside the classroom; from creation care, health, and love for all God’s creatures. Her professional example has made a positive difference in the lives of her colleagues as well. Tami’s caring heart and strive for excellence will be missed.

Hans Koolhoven has taught our auto-mechanics class for three years. He has given knowledge to many PAA students who are curious about how things work. Through hands-on, real-life work with engines, tools, and more, so many students have left PAA with skills that will serve them throughout their lives!

Dan Nicola led PAA as principal for three exciting years. We thank him for his drive to grow academic standards, his encouragement of professional growth, and his desire to show our students Jesus. As he is joining the education department at the Oregon Conference, we are blessed that his influence will continue to shine on PAA as well as our sister schools. Mr. Nicola inspires greatness in administrators, teachers, and students alike. We look forward to seeing God work in Dan’s future and the many Adventist schools he will help to influence.

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