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Exciting New Teachers and Classes!

Frank Jin joins our Computer Science and Math departments where he will teach 2-Dimensional Animation, Introduction to Computers, and Individualized Algebra.

Mr. Jin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Pacific Union College. He spent the foundational years of his career in Silicon Valley developing high-tech startup companies. He eventually started his own business which took him and his family to the Portland area.

His name is already familiar to many. Frank Jin taught Intro to Computer Programming at Portland Adventist Elementary School and also coached their Lego Robotics Team which won first place in Core Values category last year.

Although Frank was born in South Korea and has been a California boy most of his life, he and his family have come to love the Pacific Norhtwest. Frank and his wife have three children. Their oldest, Wesley, just graduated from PAA and another son, Elliot, begins his freshman year at PAA this fall. Their five-year-old daughter is a fire-cracker! “Her feet don’t touch the ground when she needs to move from one place to another,” says Frank. “Princesses don’t need to use their feet right?”

Frank is always up for a chat about technology. “I’m passionate about how technology can help make our lives better, more convenient, and more exciting.” But he’s also good at modeling a healthy life offline. His green thumbs keep him busy in his yard planting, pruning, watering, and weeding. “Mostly weeding,” he adds. He stays busy and healthy by exploring the Pacific Northwest and all the local wonders. Hiking, kayaking, backpacking, and snowboarding are a few of his favorite ways to have fun.

Mr. Jin is honored to be a part of PAA. “I am excited that Jesus is coming back soon,” says Frank. “To be a part of His prophetic church and to be able to share my faith with young people all the while helping them to increase their knowledge and skills in an ever changing techno-world is not only daunting, but thrilling!”

Mr. Sean Kootsey is ready to inspire! “I have a life-long passion for learning,” says Sean. “I can’t believe I get paid to be at school all day!” When you see Sean’s impressive list of pursuits, you’ll know it’s true.

Sean just finished a Masters in Education with an emphasis on civic education and the influence of media on political socialization. He received his BA in History and Political Science at Andrews University where he also stacked on a minor in Religion. During those years, his interest in political socialization was sparked. He even spent time studying the voting patterns of college students.

His career in Adventist education is also dynamic. He has experiences in recruitment and enrollment for both Pacific Union College and Andrew’s University. He also served as Principal of Hinsdale Adventist Academy, and has taught classes like history, social studies, and more.

At PAA Mr. Kootsey will teach Advanced Placement World History, Publications, Media & Persuasion, and English I. “My purpose is to help my students become true thinkers,” says Mr. Kootsey, “and not just mere reflectors of others thoughts.”

While education is a great joy, Sean’s love for his family trumps all. He loves making great memories with his wife Rachel and their two young sons. From jumping on their trampoline, camping, hiking, cycling, or loving on their cat and dog, this is a family that plays together. They’re also great subjects! Sean’s skills and love of photography are practiced on their beautiful faces.

“I’m excited to be a part of a school family that I have admired from afar for many years,” says Mr. Kootsey. “I hope to get a little closer to God each day and to help my students do the same.”

PAA’s musical future is bright with Emmett McCutchenne. He heads our Music Department teaching Orchestra, Choir, Alegria, Band, Steel Drums, and Jazz Band.

Mr. McCutchenne’s musical journey began with a violin at the age of nine. He later became enamored with the flute and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Masters in Flute Performance.

Besides having a professional career in flute performance, Mr. McCutchenne has conducted ensembles ranging from bands, flute choirs, chamber singers, an orchestra and more.

Developing young musicians has always been important to Mr. McCutchenne. He has taught and mentored the youngest of students in Kindergarten to the oldest and most accomplished in college. His bands, choirs, orchestras, and ensembles earned several top ratings at the annual Anaheim Heritage Festival, as well as top awards from the California Association for Music Educators and Oregon’s Music Education Association.

Throughout the years, Mr. McCutchenne continued pursuing his passion for flute. He has performed as a soloist for the Greater Eugene Sacred Concert Choir, NOW Festival of Contemporary Music, and the Brookings-Harbor Friends of Music Chamber Series.

Emmett moved to Oregon in 2009 with his wife of 31 years and their two children. He is glad to be joining a culture where he can be transparent about his Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and Christian faith. “I am looking forward to teaching in a Christian educational environment because I’ll be able to pray freely and teach praise music without opposition,” says McCuthchenne. “I’m excited to teach at PAA because of the wonderful faculty, student-centered principal, and the great students.”

Herbert Terreri joins our Language department to teach Sign Language and inspire a unique form of communication in our students.

Mr. Terreri has a Masters degree in Communication Special Education and a K-12 certification from Lewis and Clark College and he is highly respected in the deaf community.

Besides teaching Sign Language to deaf, hard of hearing, and mainstream high school students for 10 years, Mr. Terreri was an advocate for the deaf community in southern California. He worked on many state committees and advisory boards that worked towards accepting Sign Language in public schools. He also played a pivotal role in developing and implementing various Sign Language systems for the state of California.

One of his proudest accomplishments is developing and establishing the Sign Language program at Santa Ana Community College. He ran the program for 25 years and upon his retirement, he left a legacy of integration. The school now boasts an Interpreter’s Sign Language training program as well as the Sign Language and Deaf and Hard-of Hearing Services.

After a career serving the California education system, Herbert finally made his way back to Oregon in 2005. He’s a member of the Pleasant Valley Adventist Church and stays very busy with his wife and the three grandchildren they are raising.

Herbert has big plans for the spring of 2016. He’s planning a camping adventure with fellow gold-panning enthusiasts. His love of gold-panning has offered him many wonderful memories and he’s looking forward to making more.

Mr. Terreri is thrilled to return to the classroom. “I’m so excited to get back into the high school environment,” he says. “I believe PAA will enable me to work with a high caliber of students that will demonstrate exceptional communication.”

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