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COVID-19 Update: From the Desk of Principal Peinado


From the desk of Principal Peinado:

Usually when I write to the PAA family, I share about the great things that individuals like you make possible here at PAA. Although what you do is critically important to more than 200 students, I want to talk about none of that today.

Because as important as I know the PAA family is to you, now is a time that we must all take care of our families in our homes. Our significant other, our parents, our children, our sisters and brothers.

Until we get through the crisis that has been created by the coronavirus pandemic, that must be our focus. Now is a time we should concern ourselves first and foremost with our own health and safety, and that of those whom we love.

You can be assured that the work of PAA will go on. That’s because our community is made up of people like you. I know you are committed to PAA no matter what.

In good times and bad, I know you’re with us. That’s what makes you special.

May I share a few resources with you that may be helpful at this time?

Coronavirus Information & Resources prepared by PAA, includes links to:

  1. local, state and federal coronavirus information

  2. Internet access for students’ home learning

  3. Food and meals resources

Are you staying in touch with your faith family? Here are some links and ideas:

Activities for students of all ages – Spiritual Connections, Physical Activity, Fun Learning Connections  – download this Word doc, prepared by the Oregon Conference Department of Education

Want to lend a helping hand? If you’re not in a high-risk category, consider volunteering for the Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) food bank. To learn more, email Executive Director Laura Pascoe at

Do you need some musical inspiration? PAA Senior Danny Ramos recorded and produced five songs, including one original, for his senior project. I hope you find them inspirational at this time as I have. Play them on SoundCloud.

I’m praying that you and your loved ones remain safe during this crisis.

I will be in touch soon to bring you up to date on what’s happening with PAA. But, for now, please take care of those you hold dear.

Mechelle Peinado Principal, Portland Adventist Academy

P.S. You can keep up with updates regarding PAA and the coronavirus on the PAA news page.

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